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Massachusetts State Chair Joe Paru

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Chairman of the Massachusetts Federation of Young Republicans and Chairman of the YRNF Veterans Committee.

#YRNF is happy to bring you another #MYRM! In honor of Veterans Day, YRNF brings you one of our very own veterans who currently serves on the YRNF national committee.

What do you think is the best contribution to campaigns/politics coming from YRNF?

Personally, I equate the YRNF as “Minutemen,” to pay homage to our Massachusetts ancestors. It always amazes me how quickly (and yet still organized) the YRNF is able to mobilize scores of YRs from across the country to assist chapters and federations in their crucial elections. For example, just recently in the Northeast, YRs from Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania assisted our friends in New Jersey with canvassing Cape May, knocking thousands of doors in the process.

What is a fun fact about you?

In 2009, Kal Penn called me to ask that I take part in a round table discussion with President Obama. The discussion was during a final exam and my professor would not excuse me from taking it. Needless to say, I took the exam.

How has being involved in the Young Republican organization helped you professionally?

Besides making countless connections from across the United States with like-minded young professionals, being a YR makes one a valuable asset to any campaign. YRs partner with organizations which offer training seminars, from campaign management to fundraising and everything in between, vital skill-sets for any political campaign. It’s extremely applicable to almost any type of career you pursue.

Share your top memory so far as a YR!

There are so many great memories in my few years with the organization, but #1 in my book has to be the softball game at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, NE this past July (thank you to Spencer Head of NE YR’s for such an awesome event). YRs were lucky enough to be able to play at the home of the College World Series in a game that benefited two great veterans charities.

What is your favorite part about YRNF conferences and/or conventions?

The best part about YRNF conferences and conventions is sharing best practices with fellow YRs from across the country. Everyone is so supportive in offering up advice for the most efficient methods their state federations employ in recruitment, fundraising, etc.

Why are you a Young Republican?

Like everyone else, I am a Young Republican because I believe in a strong and robust national defense and a smaller, more efficient, less intrusive federal government. However, it is more personal for me. Growing up in inner city Boston, at a young age I was witness to rampant drug use, gang violence, and welfare abuse. Worse, my school was infested with cockroaches, had class sizes nearing 40 students, and consistently fell below other communities in test scores. The one constant in this scenario was the Democratic machine. Year after year, decade after decade, the constituents of this neighborhood re-elected the same Democratic politicians who’ve failed us. Republicans need to do a better job in reaching out to these communities in order to show the people that there is a better alternative.

What motivates you to recruit, elect, and train Young Republicans?

Today, a high percentage of young Americans support the dangerous Socialist policy dreams of AOC and Bernie Sanders. To combat this growing support, and thus protect our Republic, we need to recruit, elect, and train Young Republicans who will stand up and fight for American ideals.

What is the best advice for YRs who want to get involved?

Do not hesitate. You will make a positive impact in your community and nation, while having fun and making close friends along the way!

Rick Loughery

Rick Loughery

Rick Loughery is the National Chairman of the Young Republicans.

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