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YRNF Treasurer Spencer Head

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Spencer Head hails from the great midwest as the former Nebraska Young Republicans Chairman (#NEYRs), and current #YRNF Treasurer.

How has being a YR helped you professionally?

I can confidently say that being a part of the Young Republican organization has been a huge benefit to me in both my professional and relationship development. From having a network of talented individuals across the country to gaining opportunities to use skillsets I’ve been polishing in my daily work, it is truly amazing.

It’s been amazing to be able to talk and brainstorm with fellow YRs who are policy experts in numerous fields, dealing with similar issues that Nebraska faces in other states or to just talk campaign shop.

Currently, I lead business development a start-up company called EZPolitix. Previously, I was serving as a policy advisor to the Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature. By being in the Young Republicans, I am able to provide a unique nationwide network of campaign workers and campaign managers which, is of course, extremely helpful!

Alright, give it to us, give us the fun fact we’re all dying to know!

Despite the fact that I live further away from an ocean than probably 95% of all other YRNF members, I am a certified scuba diver and enjoy diving when the opportunity arises.

In your opinion, what is the best contribution to campaigns or politics in general stemming from the YRNF?

Oh boy, there are really too many to pick just one.  Honest to goodness, the YRNF is full of some of the most talented young minds in America.  We have members across the country who bring so much to the table regardless of the industry they work in during the day.  YRNF members serve as the backbone of campaigns across the country. Through our countless volunteer hours, we serve as campaign managers, and consultants for candidates up and down the ballot. We have members who are running for office every cycle, and we have thousands of elected members across the country.  We are the current Republican party, we are the people that the media typically chooses not to show.

Advice for the new YRs?

Don’t be afraid to step up.  We all have something important that we bring to the table.  Find your candidate, find your interests, find what you’re good at and put yourself out there.  The YRNF provides opportunities for you to get involved with virtually any campaign in the country if you want to.  But you need to step up and put yourself out there. 

Memories, memories, memories – tell us your favorite!

This will sound odd — so hang with me…but my favorite memory so far has been turning over the chairmanship of the Nebraska YRs after my three years as chair.  Not in the sense that it was a relief to be done or a weight off my shoulders.  It was a good memory because I felt confident that I was turning the organization over to someone who would do a better job than I had done and I was turning over an organization that was stronger than the one I had first been elected to lead. 

A close second would have to be hosting the 2019 YRNF National Nonvention in Omaha, NE.  That was a great opportunity for our state and YR members.  Nebraska generally isn’t the first place people think of when looking for a vacation destination but this was a great opportunity for us to highlight our unique state and the great work of our federation.

What motivates you to recruit, elect, and train young republicans?

The need to make a difference and do my part is what motivates me.  I have had great opportunities and many great mentors throughout my time in politics.  I feel like it is my job to pass that along to the next generation.  Our generation has so many talented leaders in it and a great message, we just need to make sure that we are being heard.  I also have two kids under 3 so naturally, I want to make sure that their future is bright and working with the YRs is a great way to help accomplish that.  

What is your favorite part about YRNF conferences and conventions?

I love the networking and comradery.  This organization has some of the smartest and strategically talented people I have every met.  It is great to catch up with my YR friends. Listening to what they’re working on in their home states and what’s happenig in their lives.

Why are you a Young Republican?

I’m a YR because I believe in freedom, liberty, and the traditional conservative principles of small government and fiscal responsibility that have made America great.  Every day we hear of some new plan for the government to expand its reach into our lives. It is important to push back on this and share our alternative vision for an innovative, prosperous, and less regulated America. I want to leave a future for my children that is safer and more secure than before. In order to do so, I believe that I need to be involved with the Republican Party, more importantly though the Young Republicans.

Rick Loughery

Rick Loughery

Rick Loughery is the National Chairman of the Young Republicans.

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