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YRNF Ast. Sec. & Comms Dir. Trystine Payfer

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Trystine Payfer is the YRNF Assistant Secretary, Communications Director, and represents the California Young Republican Federation as their National Committeewoman.

Which YR event are you looking forward to the most this year and why?

I am always excited to travel with my YR friends so truly, any event or meeting we have I look forward to. However, I have not been to Charlotte, NC yet so I would have to say our Summer Conference is certainly going to be my favorite must attend event this year. In addition, our conference will be leading up to the RNC Convention which will provide for some awesome networking and thought-provoking conversations.

What is one example of how being a YR has helped you professionally?

Being a Young Republican in California is not an easy feat. It is actually very disheartening being in such a large diverse state that for the most part doesn’t respect views if they don’t align with the latest groupthink.

This means as a young republican in CA you have two options; be silent about your beliefs and principles or stand firm in them and be prepared to take the hits from intolerant people.

Personally, I was always outspoken about my beliefs but once I joined the YRNF I felt so much more passionate to share my thoughts, strategies, and ideas. This not only pushed me to feel more confident in politics but in my career as well.

As a woman, be it in the corporate world, politics, or even sports (!) you typically have to defend yourself more often than your male counterparts. Being in the YRs has allowed for a strong resiliency and conviction to develop both in the conference room and on the campaign trail.

Why do you have passion to recruit, elect and train YRs?

My passion to support the mission of the Young Republicans comes from a profound support for capitalism, free markets, small government, less regulation and lower (preferably zero) taxation. The most critical time for Young Republicans to defend liberty and free speech, while pushing back against the ever-increasing biased media– is now.

Who is a republican role model for you?

Honestly, I try to live my life surrounded by people who inspire me to do more and be kind because it’s reality that matters. Not the media, not celebrities, not athletes – it’s us and the people around us. Therefore, I wouldn’t say I have a particular role model, however, with that said, I will say that I do admire the grace and class which Nikki Haley shows as a conservative female.

What do you believe is the YRs best contribution to politics?

We are the party. YRs are running campaigns, creating digital, designing mail pieces, walking and knocking door after door, calling voters, hosting fundraisers, among others. Without the YRs to be quite honest the GOP wouldn’t really exist. Our members are ages 18 – 40 and some have been volunteering and working before they were even old enough to vote. The active YRs are the ground game, they are staffers, they are electeds, etc. The YRs best contribution to politics is who we are and the blood sweat and tears we put in.

Share your most beloved YR memory!

My favorite YR memory actually comes from a negative situation which highlighted the lengths that fellow YRs will go to ensure bullying and outright childish behavior is not accepted in our organization. To see so many awesome people come together and immediately defend a member was beautiful to see. The love, compassion, warmth, and friendliness that YRs show to one another is truly a force to be reckon with.

Why are you a young republican?

I actually call myself a “republitarian” and that’s because of many things but to break it down, I’m a big fan of limited government, no income tax (yes, taxation is theft), capitalism, and liberty.

Contrary to how the Republican Party gets painted by the media, we are a big tent party. There are amazing people from all kinds of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences who are a part of the GOP. My goal is to continue expanding this big tent by having thoughtful discussions about freedom and self-reliance.

I have seen firsthand what “progressive” (ps: they’re actually regressive) laws get you in California and I refuse to let the misinformation and false ideals about a “freedom from” society expand across this great nation.

Rick Loughery

Rick Loughery

Rick Loughrey is the Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation.

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