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YRNF Secretary Desiree Brown

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Chairwoman of Collin County, Texas Young Republican Organization and Secretary for the YRNF, Desiree Brown.

#YRNF is pumped to bring you another #MYRM! Meet one of the amazing #RepublicanWomen of the YRNF Board of Directors!

Share a fun fact about yourself!

I still own my first car, a 1995 Camaro Z28 In high school, I was a member of a local car club and won several show trophies for my car. In addition, about 10 years ago, I was selected to drive my Camaro on the Texas Motor Speedway with the new Camaro pace car before a NASCAR race to celebrate the Camaro being put back into production.

What is your favorite part about attending YRNF Conventions and/or Conferences?

My first YRNF event was the Spring Quarterly Meeting in Boston in 2017. I arrived for the weekend not only having never been to Massachusetts but also not knowing a single YR. I left #YRNFBoston three days later with several close friends from across the country that are still some of my best friends today! My circle of friends has continued to grow with each meeting, and I feel like I truly belong to a family where we support each other personally and professionally in addition to celebrating each other’s successes. I hope all YRs feel like they are an integral part of the YR family, and I look forward to that family growing in the years to come.

Top piece of advice you have for Young Republicans looking to get active?

Just show up! As clichè as it sounds, the best way to get involved is to attend your first local YR meeting or county GOP meeting and find out what opportunities they have to offer.  YR clubs meet many needs, whether someone wants social or networking interactions, volunteer opportunities, or political experience. (reach out to if you don’t know the club closest to you)

Number one memory of the YRs so far?

I have had so many fun adventures and made so many great friends because of my involvement with young republicans that it is hard to pick just one (we know it’s tough when this is the common initial response from members ~YRNF Team)!  The YRNF National Convention in 2017 held in Annapolis, MD was my first National YR convention and it had so many awesome events such as a tour of the White House and the Women’s Mentoring tea party.  I was amazed by how many YRs from nearly each individual state attended and how involved they were in their states’ politics.  It was awesome to see that level of enthusiasm and dedication to the Republican party from so many 20 and 30 year olds!

In your opinion what is the best contribution to campaigns and/or politics in general coming from the YRNF?

YRNF and the associated state federations give young republicans with little or no political experience an explicit avenue to enter into politics.  Whether someone wants to be involved with volunteer and grassroot efforts or is looking to run for public office in the future, YRNF offers training, networking, and activism events that support both endeavors.  Most people outside of politics probably do not realize that most campaigns are staffed by volunteers and likely would be surprised at the number of younger people that are volunteering their extra time to support specific candidates or policies.  For example, Texas YRs just had a major push to support a November 2019 constitutional amendment (Prop 4) where our focus on that one issue contributed immensely to that amendment passing!  

What motivates you personally to recruit, elect, and train young republicans?

YRs routinely hear that we are the “party of the future” but I like to think we are the “party of now.” As chair of my local YR club in Collin County, Texas, I have so many new members that are recent high school and college graduates, who have a passion for politics and for influencing their futures with political involvement. Of my six board members, four are under the age of 24, and they are arguably some of the most involved members of our county GOP. They are my motivation for growing our organization. Their enthusiasm and commitment to be involved in local grassroot activities so early on proves that one does not have to be a career politician to make a difference.

Why are you a Young Republican?

 I did not come from a political family but my grandparents and parents always supported conservative economic principles.  I started having an interest in politics (specifically the judicial side of things) in high school and always voted for Republican candidates because they seemed to be the most economically logical with their policies.  The older I got, the more I understood how important it was for someone to help themselves and not rely on the government for help, because nothing in life is ever free.  The economic failures of Obama’s presidency and the expectations that he put out in the world that everyone should have equal outcomes really struck a nerve with me because it discounted how hard most people work for their livelihoods and successes. The promise of economic recovery and the return of individual freedoms under Pres. Donald Trump inspired me to join my local young republicans club in 2015. Pres. Trump’s policies put the power back into our hands to control our own destinies where hard work, commitment, and personal responsibility lead to success.  From the start of the campaign, I knew he was going to kick butt and bring accountability back to the government, which he has!

Rick Loughery

Rick Loughery

Rick Loughery is the National Chairman of the Young Republicans.

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