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YRNF Co-Chair Sean Pumphrey

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#YRNF is proud to bring you #MeetYRMonday’s highlighting both those elected #youngrepublicans and the amazing members of our organization across this great nation!

How has being a YR helped you professionally?

The YRNF has afforded me tremendous opportunities to network and build relationships with other young-politically minded professionals not only in my home state of South Carolina but also across the country.

What do you believe is one of the best contributions that YRNF brings to campaigns and the political landscape overall?

YRNF offers many wonderful contributions to both campaigns and the community. One of the largest is easily the capability to mobilize hundreds of young republicans in various states across the country. Whethere there are doors to knock or voters to call, YRNF shows up and always knocks it out of the park.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Myself, along with my wife Kelly, and my children are #Disney fanatics! You’re never too old to enjoy the magic at Disneyland! Any other Disney fans out there?!

What advice would you give for YRs wanting to be more involved?

Working with YRs has not only been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life but it is also an incredibly fun experience. I would encourage anyone who wants to get involved to reach out to your local chapter, find an event in your area — and just show up. The fun, relationships, and network will unfold from there!

Rick Loughery

Rick Loughery

Rick Loughery is the National Chairman of the Young Republicans.

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