Pennsylvania State Officials

  • Chairman: Jenna Geesey
  • National Committeeman: Jonathon Hauenschild
  • National Committeewoman: Allie Vaccaro

Young Republican National Officials

  • National Chairman: Rick Loughery
  • General Counsel: Ross Wolfe
  • Bylaws Committee Chair: Eric Reath
  • Community Service Committee Chair: Jenna Geesey
  • Parliamentarian: Jonathon Hauenschild

Get Involved!


  • 2018: State Federation of the Year
  • 2018: General Olmsted Award for Rick Loughery
  • 2018: Small Chapter of the Year for Delaware County Young Republicans
  • 2020: Woman of the Year for Makala Ashmar


  • Homestate of the Young Republican National Chairman Rick Loughery
  • Hosted the 2018 National Conference in Philadelphia
  • Made more than 1 million voter contacts in 2018
  • Made more than 2.5 million voter contacts in 2020